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Flat & Curved Base Cheek Blocks & Pads
  • Flat Base Cheek Blocks: Flat, stainless base plate distributes loads to a larger surface area than other designs that place loads on mounting bolts only. Use on spars and deck to lead sheets, halyards, reefing gear, and any control requiring a strong, smooth lead.
  • Curved Base Cheek Blocks: Unique curved base plate fits up to 2” (51mm) dia. spar section for easy mounting. Excellent for control line leads on dinghys and small daysailors.
  • Cheek Block Pads: Shaped to fit most common spar sections, these convenient pads allow quick and easy mounting on masts or booms. Made of UV Treated Molded PVC with the ability to withstand extreme compression loads and temperature ranges without distortion.
Foot Blocks

Schaefer foot blocks are Computer Machined to provide the strength needed in such high-stress applications. Choose from either elegant Stainless or Anodized Aluminum Top Plates.

Our Universal Circuit Sheave Package provides a durable and smooth delivery to the cockpit. Our unique ”Strip from the Top” design allows for complete disassembly without removal of the deck mounted base plate. Countersunk fasteners and a unique anti-rotation sheave pin keyed into the underside of the top plate provides a smooth surface to eliminate chafe and fouled lines.

Put your best foot forward with Schaefer's handsome, low profile design which combines a clean look with Schaefer's Legendary Strength.

Genoa Blocks
  • Spring Loaded Blocks on Slides: Spring loaded blocks offer a wide flexibility in sheeting angles allowing for up to a 45° lead variation to each side of the track. "Spring Cap" design fully
    supports blocks under any conditions. 1" and 1-1/4" versions feature polyethylene liners held ”captive” within the slide allowing for years of trouble free and friction free service. Choose from brilliant Stainless Steel or Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum cheeks both using UV resistant Delrin™ sheaves.
  • Half-Moon Lead Blocks: This rugged, "offshore" design provides a low winch lead while spreading sheet loads over several track fasteners for maximum strength. Set pin location in the center of the block prevents snagging and accidental release. Designed to articulate up to 45° to either side of the track, Half-Moon lead blocks are often used to provide a proper lead angle to foot or turning blocks near the cockpit. Stainless, bolted construction provides a brilliant finish, and allows complete disassembly for inspection or maintenance.
  • Twin Sheet Lead Blocks: Schaefer's Twin Sheet Lead Blocks allow for twin sheets through it's wide flared sheave permitting easy sail changes. The Cage and Slide body are computer machined resulting in incredible strength and precision. Each Block provides a low profile articulating sheave for a proper lead from the sail through the block and into your cockpit. Sheaves are hardcoat anodized aluminum running on our low friction Nomex™/Teflon™ Bearing. Double your sheeting flexibility today!
Halyard Control Blocks
Over The Top Blocks

Designed to bring control lines over the forward edge of cabin houses, coamings or rails. Perfect for Raised Salon designs. Low Friction ball bearing sheaves lead lines easily.

Series Blocks
Aluminum M-Series Blocks

Made from computer-machined aluminum allowing for gentle, smooth curves, our totally new M-Series Blocks are extremely light. Combine light weight with Schaefer's legendary quality and the result is an incredible strength to weight ratio.

These blocks feature Torlon™ rollers and Delrin™ Ball Bearings. The machined aluminum side plates will stand the test of time and will outlast most blocks made of plastic or composite material. M-Series Blocks are available in a variety of configurations to fit any application.

Snatch Blocks

Snatch blocks are one of the most versatile tools available for cruising or racing. The flexibility of these blocks makes them ideal for use as genoa leads, spinnaker controls or short sheet leads.

Schaefer's Snatch Blocks use an investment cast snap shackle attached with a Ball joint enabling 360° rotation as well as 15° tilting action. This flexibility allows for quick attachment. Urethane cheek covers protect your deck from damage. Each block has an integral bail allowing you to ”hang” the block with a shockcord. Strength, Flexibility and Schaefer's reputation allow you to sail easier and safer.

Utility Blocks

Removable Ferrule head allows low profile "Utility Blocks" to be mounted anywhere for extremely low line leads. Use wherever regular shackle head design may interfere with line leads. Offered in brilliant Stainless, or tough Hardcoat Anodized versions with Delrin or aluminum sheaves.

Wire Blocks

Choose from our standard Wire Blocks with narrow heads and sheaves or our Eye-Jaw Wire blocks. Either are perfect for use with Control Lines or Halyards. Stainless cheeks offer high abrasion and chafe resistance as well as opening to accept swaged or nicro pressed wires. Eye Jaw Wire Blocks are easy to use with Runners, Backstays or any area requiring strong wire support. They also use our Nomex/Teflon Bearing for high load/ low friction application.


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